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The Imperial Wonders: Buy

Al Boyd Presents the Real Truth - CD

This is a collection of 70's style R&B and Soul at it's finest.
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The Original Imperial Wonders / Collector's Edition 1967-1973 - CD

The Imperial Wonders are a Cleveland, Ohio group that never got it's proper recognition due to poor management or labels with no national or international strength in distribution. Most of the songs that are known around the World are from records that made it there by individual discovery or copied versions. The complete Bio is included on the CD. The CD spans a period of six years before the group completely morphed into another group Truth in 1976.
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Time Machine - CD

CD featuring 8 songs performed by The Imperial Wonders including the title song " Time Machine "," Just Leave"," DNA ","In The Bedroom "," Spiritual Love "," Sweet Delight "," Tales From The Grip "and " You're Good In The Bed ".
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Ice Cold Energy - CD

CD with 10 songs. " Never Go Looking For Love "," Temptation "," Lord What Is Happening To The World ? ", " Everybody Can Dance ", "Running "," I'm A Hostage "," Sweet Delight "," The Electric Love Company "," Don't Bite The Hand " and " Love Me To The Music ".
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